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NWS Klešta sečice 200 FX2 PIANO

Šifra proizvoda: 304020 138-69-200
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Klešta sečice 200 FX2 PIANO
Prodajna cena sa popustom
Cena:4.308,00 din.
Cena / kg:
Heavy Duty Lever Side Cutter FantasticoPlus
Cutting edges inductively hardened
Precision cutting edge for piano wire (D2 quality)
Precision cutting edge for bolts, nails, rivets, hard wires and similar materials
Cutting edge hardness approx 62 HRC
Power transmission with optimum leverage for easy and effortless work
Tremendous cutting performance, up to 50 % power saving compared with conventional power side cutters
Handles with ergonomically shaped SoftGripp multi-component sleeves
SoftGripp handles with SystemSocket for holding optionally available accessories, e.g. the easily attached SystemClip
for fall protection
Made of special tool steel, forged, oil-hardened
SKU: 138-69-200
Technical Data
Length in millimeters 200
Length in inches 8
Cutting edge shape
nail, wire nail - cutting value in millimeters 4,5
Hard wire - 1800 N/mm² wire rope fibre, steel rope - cutting value in millimeters 3,5
Piano wire - 2300 N/mm² spring steel wire - cutting value in millimeters 3
DIN standards - National, European and worldwide DIN ISO 5749


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